Thanks very much to all who contributed questions for, and participated in, the May 22-23 workshop!  We are summarizing the outcomes of that workshop for publication and are aiming to make the final list public this fall.

Georgia Climate Research Roadmap Steering Committee

  • Lisa Bianchi-Fossati, Southface
  • Marilyn Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • David D'Onofrio, Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Carrie Furman, University of Georgia
  • Jairo Garcia, City of Atlanta
  • Jewell Harper, Second Nature
  • Ben Jordan, Emory & Coca-Cola
  • Jennifer Kline, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
  • Stephen O'Day, Smith, Gambrell & Russell
  • Mark Risse, Georgia Sea Grant
  • Murray Rudd, Emory University
  • Patricia Yager, University of Georgia

What questions need to be answered to help Georgia better understand and address climate-related challenges and opportunities?

Through a multi-stakeholder process, we seek to identify and rank “Georgia’s Top 40” climate research questions. Our goal is to identify the key questions for which answers would most benefit policymakers, practitioners, and scientists in Georgia.

Communities across Georgia are exploring strategies to address climate change. Some are working to assess vulnerabilities and build resilience to potential impacts; others are developing technologies and policies to reduce emissions. To inform this work, decision-makers at all levels need credible and relevant information from across the natural, applied, and social sciences. The Georgia Climate Research Roadmap seeks to fulfill this need by identifying the key research questions that, if answered, can lay the groundwork for the state and its residents to take effective, science-based climate action. This effort is an initiative of the Georgia Climate Project, a network of colleges, universities, and other partners seeking to improve understanding of climate impacts and solutions in Georgia.        


March 13, 2017 - Climate Research Roadmap initiative launched

April -- Collect candidate questions: Solicit candidate questions from government, industry, non-governmental, and academic experts through an internet-based web form.

May 22-23 -- Workshop: A group of experts from multiple sectors and fields from across the state winnowed the pool of candidate questions down into a list top questions.  The workshop was hosted by Emory University on behalf of the Georgia Climate Project.   

Summer-- Draft, review, edit, and submit paper: Workshop participants will collaborate on a manuscript for publication based on the results of the project. 

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