Supporting climate science, conversation, and solutions in Georgia

The Georgia Climate Project is a multi-year effort to improve understanding of climate impacts and solutions in Georgia, and lay the groundwork for the state and its residents to take effective, science-based climate action.

Academic Partners

Founding partner
Georgia Initiative for Climate and Society
Founding partner
Georgia Tech Climate and Energy Policy Laboratory
Founding partner

Our Approach

We are working with a network of experts across the state to advance three strategic priorities:


Synthesizing what is known and analyzing what is not in order to improve understanding of climate impacts and solutions in Georgia.

Stronger conversations

Fostering a constructive, nonpartisan discussion about how climate change affects Georgia and what can be done about it.


Working with partners to enable Georgians to take practical steps to respond to climate change and its impacts.

Our Activities

Georgia Climate Conference

Nov 7-8, 2019 · Atlanta, GA

The 2019 Georgia Climate Conference will support and accelerate Georgia's efforts to take practical steps to minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities associated with a changing climate, by bringing together representatives from multiple sectors and areas of expertise to collaborate, raise awareness of work across the state, highlight progress, and identify opportunities to do more.

Georgia Climate Research Roadmap

A multi-stakeholder process to identify and rank the top 40 questions for which answers will benefit climate policymakers, practitioners, and scientists in the state.

Georgia Climate Stories

Personal stories of what climate change means for Georgians. Produced by students and stakeholders in partnership with universities and media outlets.

Choosing our Energy Future

A series of town halls convened by Georgia Tech and Emory to explore 'no-regrets' strategies for advancing a clean energy future in Georgia.

Carbon Reduction Challenge

A competition where students work with organizations on projects that reduce carbon emissions and save money.

Latest updates

"Georgia Climate Research Roadmap" Identifies Georgia's Top 40 Climate Research Questions

May 23, 2018

A first-of-its-kind list of 40 key research questions that can help decision-makers better understand and address climate change.

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